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If you have an awesome
startup and want to accelerate
the growth of your business,
come and join us!

Grasp this opportunity to bring your startup to Latin America’s most experienced

What are we looking for?:

Startups from all markets
that innovate using technology;

At least two founders per startup
available to participate in person in the first 5
weeks of the program in São Paulo.

Startups that solve problems in any sector of the market.


There will be 3 modules to boost your startup

All startups will be supported by Startup Farm to develop their businesses in addition to
mentors, experts in this field and a large network of partners.

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Laser Focus
ln Person

Full life immersion for you to work focused on building your startup business model,
supported by Farm and a broad network of mentors, partners and investors.

Duration: 5 weeks

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Get Sales Done

The goal of this step is to sell, sell and sell, through targeted content and weekly
analysis of sales strategies for your startup. The concepts of metrics and OKRs will
also be covered in depth.

Duration: 5 weeks

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In this module – which will bring bi-weekly content and checkpoints – your startup will
continue to work on developing its products or services, always seeking to improve its
performance metrics.

Duration: 15 weeks

Throughout the 3 modules, you will see several contents, lectures and chats with
influencers for your startup to reach the top of its capabilities, covering topics such as:
developing teams with a high potential, mission and purpose; learning to have a global
vision; finance; marketing; advisors and board, VC, legal issues, HR, communication,
sales and value proposition validation.
All that is needed to take your startup ahead.


Watch the statements of founders
who have already experienced the program.


Ahead | Banco do Brasil

19/01 a 10/03

Laser Focus

11/03 a 21/04

Get Sales Done

22/04 a 11/08


A definir

Demo Day


As startups selecionadas para participarem do nosso programa possuem
o melhor pacote de benefícios oferecido por uma aceleradora na América Latina.
Sim, pode comparar!

Your startup will have access to several
benefits from our partners.



Startup Farm can invest up to R$150K for up to 5% depending on the startup’s
valuation in the next investment round. The higher the valuation, the greater the
investment from Startup Farm. We will evaluate your startup as 80% of the valuation in
the next round of investments, with a maximum value of R$3 million.

For example, if your startup raises investments valued at R$2 million, we will consider its valuation at R$1.6 million (80% of R$2M) and we may invest up to R$80K for up to

But if your startup raises investments valued at R$ 3.75 million or more, we will
consider your valuation at R$3 million and may invest up to R$150K for up to 5%.

In other words, Startup Farm’s maximum share is 5% for the financial participation plus
5% for the economic participation up to R$150K.


The economic investment made by Startup Farm will consider the program itself,
access to the network of contacts, benefits from partners, access to large companies,
coworking space and visibility for the accelerated business.
Selected companies will grant 5% of their equity as compensation for Startup Farm’s


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