We have an entrepreneurial heart. Innovation fascinates us and we want to build it. In
exponential times, we know that the network’s power makes ideas happen. We live
these connections because we are the network, and this boosts our energy to live
intensely the privilege of helping entrepreneurs to transform the world we live in. We
really care and demand from ourselves and everyone around us to do their best and
this certainty is what nourishes the confidence of each person that believes in our
purpose. There are times dedicated to work and others to have fun, times to pursue our
goals and others to chill-out with our colleagues and friends.
Here at Startup Farm we live all of this simultaneously.


Startup Farm was created on the 11th of August 2011 in São Paulo and has already
produced 29 editions of our acceleration program in 6 cities of this gigantic nation
called Brazil: São Paulo, Florianópolis, Rio, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, and Campinas.
Until present, we have accelerated more than 300 startups and have over 1000 farmers
(our accelerated entrepreneurs <3) from more than 15 different nationalities. And
In 2016 we launched a new format of our acceleration program, which was renamed
Ahead*, offering a better structure over a 6-month period with even more support to
make the startups even more awesome! In 2017 we were awarded the Best
Accelerator prize at the Startup Awards, granted by Brazil’s Startup Association.

What about today? In addition to managing our network of incredible entrepreneurs, we
are looking for those that have the courage to go beyond and launch themselves.
Those that want to do more and are outliers. Those that want to do something to
transform the place they live in. Those who know that it won’t be easy, but certainly
worth the effort. Let’s go together?
*Definition: {əˈhed} adv. From the English words “ahead’, “beyond”. Or from the
expression used in Minas Gerais Arreda, which simply means “move on”.